The long and short of it

As Stithians Ladies Choir approaches its 50th year we would like to share some interesting facts about the membership. This is the first instalment.

IMG_1172Here we see two ladies from the alto section –               LEE BOWDEN ( left ) with LAUREN GARDNER.  There are many similarities between these two members but it is the differences which are most striking. Whereas Lee is one of our founder members, having been a chorister since the very beginning, Lauren has only recently joined our ranks. Without revealing the actual ages of either member, I can disclose that there is a gap of over 60 years between them. And, as you can see, the height difference is noticeable too!

Lee has been a member of the Stithians community all her life whereas Lauren, from Ponsanooth, is just embarking on her career in the field of education. Lee has loved the music and friendship of the choir for many years whereas Lauren brings her infectious youth and vitality to a brand new venture and is looking forward to learning from the more experienced members.

So … two ladies, seemingly poles apart, brought together by their love of singing and their common goal – to enhance life through music.

If you would like to join Lee and Lauren then why not come along to practice? –                 it’s on Thursday.



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  1. Congratulations to you all, with your various endeavours and successes, lucky Stithians indeed.

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