Charity concert on 28 February

539635_545961005455145_2002080702_nOn Friday 28 February  we are taking part in a charity concert in aid of St Michael’s Well, St Joseph’s School, Kabailor, Sierra Leone.

The concert starts at 7.30pm, at St Michael’s Catholic Secondary School, Trevu Road, Camborne, and features performances by St Michael’s pupils and Stithians Ladies Choir.

So far St Michael’s has raised £2,400 to provide St Joseph’s School in Kabailor, Sierra Leone, with a source of clean drinking water. Construction of the well is under way, but a further £600 is needed to ensure that the pump mechanism can be purchased and fitted before the rains begin in early May, or the work will have to stop for another season.

There is no entry fee to the concert, but donations will be collected for this worthy cause. Every penny raised will go to the well. If you need help to find the school in Camborne, click on our link below.

The well at St Joseph’s is one of several projects undertaken by the charity Cara Coweth Water Sierra Leone, based in Stithians, which raises money to provide clean water for villages in Sierra Leone. More information about their work can be found on Facebook – have a look on our links section below to find out more.